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Mr. Tumnus by BlackSpiralDancer1 Mr. Tumnus :iconblackspiraldancer1:BlackSpiralDancer1 8 4 In The Night by BlackSpiralDancer1 In The Night :iconblackspiraldancer1:BlackSpiralDancer1 4 0
A Pastafarian Prayer in Iseren
Our Pasta
Who art al dente
Simmered be thy sauce.
Thy cheese in crumbs,
Thy meatballs yum,
On our plates, as well as our forks
Give us this day our garlic bread,
And deliver us some antacid
For thine is the noodles,
The tomatoes
And the ground meat forever.

Íihl sgaaxudaawa
Dáa k'yahts'ii kadaaldaats’án.
Dáa chiigwan k’ungxwiits’án,
Dáa kiigask’aaxan xaawliiyayts’án,
Íihl kaayhlawu, tsu íihl hlgiijaawu.
Íihlgwii sablíi stán isdáax’ aa áayaat,
’Ad íihl gámgakaaga isdáax’,
Éihl k’ungwáay,
Isgyáan kiiga sdlinsda ts’n dáangang.
:iconkwuus:kwuus 2 2
Perspective by BlackSpiralDancer1 Perspective :iconblackspiraldancer1:BlackSpiralDancer1 3 0 Grammatical Cases in Iseren by kwuus Grammatical Cases in Iseren :iconkwuus:kwuus 7 0 Sceptrian script by juhhmi Sceptrian script :iconjuhhmi:juhhmi 7 13
For Whom I Deem Under-appreciated...
So this is for people who I think are SERIOUSLY under-appreciated/ not well known. I have not asked for any of their concent to add them in here BUT I don't care... Unless they are offended by it, only then shall I remove them... or if they ask nicely. XD My list will consist of not only artists on DA (with two of my personal favorites) but also possibly people from YouTube! First of all though...
This person is JUST starting out! :iconIrish-Ruby:




(I am admittedly biased to this one... XD :blush:)
:iconblackspiraldancer1:BlackSpiralDancer1 2 10
''Petit Love'' by BlackSpiralDancer1 ''Petit Love'' :iconblackspiraldancer1:BlackSpiralDancer1 4 0 Ink by AngieMyst Ink :iconangiemyst:AngieMyst 20 3 Arthyrozard by Spice5400 Arthyrozard :iconspice5400:Spice5400 5 6
is cancelled.
 I'm doing what I feel is right for myself. I love drawing up Fakemon that I want to draw. I don't enjoy organizing my fakemon and making specific Pokemon for the region. You can say I'm reckless with my organization but this what I feel is right.
Sorry if I disappointed anyone. I made so much hype (in my mind) about the new region, but it's not what I want to do. I'm gonna post some cool drawings that I whipped up today tomorrow. :)
I know I made the best decision by deactivating the Cansi Region. I'm not gonna make the same mistake again. I love doing what I do now :D
Goodbye CansiPokemon!
:iconxswordsdance:xSwordsDance 1 1
Yonde Dialects
Yonde dialects
In Yonde there is only one dialect
Dialect 1. Celemun or Celemūn Dialect
Pronunciation Differences
In Celemūn
X is pronounced as sh
oū is pronounced as ū
e is sometimes pronounced u as in uhhhhhh
Questions end in da.
Yonde(Celemūn) Le ion eigo da?
Translate: Is it english?
:iconforester10:forester10 4 0
Sentences in Yonde
Yonde is a conlang i have made wich is latin base and uses SVO and VOS word structure
Yonde is pronounced as Ionde
Pronounce rules
Char    pronounced
oū       oh
ae       eh
ý        I as in machine
1.O potoū omým phesam
Translate: This pronoun will be forgotten
2.Omým phesam potoū
Translate: This pronoun will be forgotten(VOS structure)
Translate: I am going
4.Ion le phesam
Translate: It is forgotten
5.Phesam ion le
Tranlate: It is forgotten(VOS structure)
6.Eigo omým phesam
Translate: English will be forgotten
7.Omým phesam eigo
Translate: English will be forgotten
8.Le ion eigo?
Translate: Is it english?
:iconforester10:forester10 4 6
Yonde's Past tense Rule
Yonde's Past Tense Rule
Yonde's past tense rule makes it so you dont have to remember so many verbs and words etc. heres how it works...
Take this sentence
O potoū omým phesam
This translates as This pronoun will be forgotten, but to make it be "this pronoun was forgotten" we add 'wē' and remove 'omým'
O potoū wē phesam - This pronoun was Forgotten
wē phesam o potoū - This pronoun was Forgotten (VOS structure)
:iconforester10:forester10 3 11
Biomes of Akekata by juhhmi Biomes of Akekata :iconjuhhmi:juhhmi 10 10


I love the coloring and the background of the picture, and her expression is very cute. However, the back legs do seem off. I would sug...




turns out I'm not dead. I've just had a computer that wouldn't let me do anything for a veeeeeeerry long time. It'll let me do some stuff now, so I'll try to update stuff. And for the people who wished me a happy birthday like three months ago, THANK YOU.

*ps I got a tumblr called Euletoaster (which honestly doesn't have much because of that same computer)

*pps I'm am open to trades and requests and stuff, but I'll probably have to post the picture on tumblr and send the link



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Elise is all you need to know :)
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Est-ce que tu parles franšais?


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